voice skills

Brainy Bee

Skill Review: Brainy Bee

Brainy Bee developed by Voice Whiz is an interactive quiz game for inquisitive kids in different planes of the learning platform. Often most voice skills are geared for adults or people across all age groups, but Brainy Bee has been designed with a purposeful intent to make learning a more enjoyable process for students as well as motivate them as they step up their learning curve.

worthington libraries

Skill Review: Worthington Libraries

Worthington Libraries is an interactive skill created for the library system by Pellucent Technologies LLC. as an initiative to connect with its members and enhance civic engagement. Using alternative voice assistive technology, Worthington Libraries was designed, developed, and debuted as an attempt to promote equal access to information across its community members. This voice skill is an extension of the library’s exemplary services to showcase how a customized voice skill can benefit members and keep them updated on upcoming events.

Rosetta stone

Skill Review: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone developed by Rosetta Stone Ltd. is an interactive skill that delivers language training in multiple languages to its users. This voice skill is different from the usual version of language learning programs. The Rosetta Stone attempts to help users who are traveling to a new country yet are not well versed with the language native to that country. The voice skill supports the learning of languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Russian.

Skill review Boston info

Skill Review: Boston Info

The Boston Info voice app developed by the City of Boston is an initiative to connect with citizens and promote civic engagement. This civic voice app is a boon to the city dwellers as it provides timely updates on city services in addition to information on Covid-19 as well. The Boston Info voice app has been developed to be resourceful as the hour demands. Thus the efforts to enhance communication within their neighborhoods using artificial intelligence technology is worthy of mention.

skill review expedia

Skill Review: Expedia

The Expedia voice skill created by one of the world’s leading travel platforms, Expedia Inc. is dedicated to enriching the travel experience of its users. This voice app takes it up a notch than the usual apps confined to providing timely information and updates to its end-users. The Expedia skill attempts to enhance the user engagement experience by providing recommendations for suitable travel spots personalized to the user’s tastes and interests. Leveraging the easy, intuitive way of voice-activated technology, this skill has embedded features that fit the user’s basic needs.

Voice stories

Skill Review: Voice Stories

Voice Stories by Volley Inc is an engaging skill with episodic interactive stories for mature audiences. The unique facet of this skill is the option to pick a genre and get the conversation going. The user gets to reel the unfolding of each story based on his choices. Hence, it is different from the usual kind of stories which are lead by a series of interactive questions. That being said, this skill is directed not for children but for adults who would like to take a trip down the story lane through the emotions the user opts for.

University Park,Texas

Skill Review: City of University Park, Texas

The City of University Park, Texas voice app developed by Imaginuity is an initiative to connect with citizens and promote civic engagement. Besides updates on traffic operations, it offers coverage on events and community news in general. This voice skill catering to the residents of Texas debuted in the University Park has been designed to boost civic engagement.

Skill Review: Amazon Storytime

Amazon Storytime by Amazon Education Consumer Team is an interactive skill with engaging stories for children aged 5-12. By offering a wide-ranging collection of stories about family, friends, and more, the voice app attempts to elicit interest in kids to listen to bedtime stories. Furthermore, the skill attempts to excite kids with “spin a magic story wheel” backed by a surprise set of stories. With this voice skill, kids get to choose what kind of stories they would like to listen to. Now that’s something parents often struggle with and, therefore they are always on the lookout for different stories to keep their little ones entertained.

washingyon state ferry

Skill Review: Washington State Ferry

Intended as a resource for travelers, the Washington State Ferry voice app by Blink UX provides real-time information on departure times, seat availability, and the last scheduled ferry for the day. Designed for travelers on the go, this voice skill has been curated to be a helpful alternative to its users.

bamboo luminaries

Skill Review: Bamboo Luminaries

Bamboo Luminaries by Bamboo Learning, Inc is an interactive educational skill packed with engaging facts and quizzes. It’s a skill curated to help children know more about leading personalities who belonged to different eras and famed for their novel ideas and renowned actions.