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How does VOGO Voice helps your business grow?

We work with businesses and organizations to craft a personalized solution to design, develop and publish your product, service, or brand to Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. Some of the business functions that can be transformed through voice solutions to bring efficiency and productivity include:

Voice Enabled Sales Support

Field Sales Support

  • Provide easy Q&A for your sales reps on the go
  • Update quantities, product availability, and support schedules with your voice.

Sales Call Briefing

  • Reps can get a briefing on the next sales call, including previous contact dates, client info, pending sales, or outstanding issues.
  • Hands-free audio allows “on-the-way” updates for your sales team.

CRM Integration

  • Integrate with your CRM to provide two-way lead and sale updates

Voice Powered Data Entry

Data Collection

  • Collect data hands-free via voice-enabled devices with location awareness.

Survey Feedback

  •  Collect answers to questions from millions of users

Help Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Define the top questions most commonly asked and build interactive conversations to reduce the number of calls.
  • Use Insights to learn what questions people are asking and learn if the answers are helpful by providing rating feedback.

No Waiting

  • Members can ask questions without any wait times or holds. This allows for less staff and more focus on the more complicated needs.

Data-Driven Answers

  • Provide interactive questions to drive custom and unique experiences with each customer.

Office Administration

Member Benefits

  • Give voice access to your members to use features and perks specific to your organization.

Event Information

  • Members can learn about events anytime from any voice-enabled device just by asking questions.


  • Provide timely news and updates to your members. Supports push notifications.

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Why Choose Us ?

Fast and flexible voice platform

Our platform enables us to design and build your voice app fast; allowing you to test and provide feedback on the user experience often within days of starting your journey.

Interactive voice-driven experience

Our flexible and configurable platform offers a wide range of features with a deep toolset to create interactive voice solutions that delight your customers and enrich their experience

Wide selection of ready-built connectors

 VOGO Voice offers a wide selection of data connectors that allow direct connection into business data to design a truly powerful and personalized voice experience through uninterrupted data streaming

Expert team of voice solution architects

VOGO Voice is operated by a team with deep voice skill expertise, who collaborate with organizations to draw upon their vision and business goals to find the right mix of features in devising a versatile voice skill for seamless user experience.

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