A modern way to interact with the public

Voice apps for government and civic agencies

For citizen services and engagement

Citizens increasingly expect great services

Citizens expect a relevant and consistent government experience. They expect a multi-channel experience that is just as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to. 

Smart speakers offer a new and exciting way to interact with citizens, brands, or services while streamlining existing processes. What this means for citizens is that they can have convenient and easy access to the information and services they require without having to wait for a customer service representative to tell them how, when, and if they can get it or not.

Information is easily accessible and intelligible; all they must do is “Just ask.”

For civic agencies

Government services are centered around communication with citizens and answering their inquiries. Therefore, voice apps can be of great use to government agencies as an additional tool for providing efficient service to its citizens.

In the case of local government services, smart speakers can communicate with the citizens on matters related to their local services such as:

  • Opening hours of various government institutions;
  • Time and schedule of various local events;
  • Announcements of local works and restrictions; such as road closures for repair, changes in the opening hours of local government offices, and so forth.
All these basic functions can be achieved by implementing a voice app.

Citizen perspectives: How can a voice app help?

I want to find information as quickly as possible 

In a civic agency, people will keep contacting the call center for various services. The bulk of calls will involve routine questions and requests, and people who need to solve complex issues will experience long waiting times. A voice app can easily take over and simplify these citizen interactions.

I’m not sure how to ask my question 

This is all about making life easier for people who need to access information about government services. In general, voice skills work great in any sector that is focused on interaction with a large number of users. In this respect, most government agencies will benefit from adding a voice skill to their suite of services. 

I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll just call or visit

A voice skill can quickly lead the visitors to the required section in just a couple of questions compared to searching for information on government agency websites that are hard to navigate, the smart speakers present a much user-friendlier solution.

Voice apps can...

Automate procedures

Reduce the workload for customer support staff. By engaging voice apps, governments can enhance the quality, speed, and efficacy of their communications with the residents.

Provide an easy conversational interface

Engage and support citizens, delivering easy and personalized service. Voice apps can be tailored to the needs of the specific government agency, depending on their requirements.

Generate insights

Capture valuable data about visitors from different sources to continuously curate and improve content. 

Provide 24/7 Availability

With voice apps, citizens can save time by interacting with agencies right from their homes at the time they find convenient.

VOGO Voice enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage high-quality 

smart speaker apps on Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you need a professionally made voice app for the services that you offer, and to grow together with your user community, browse our portfolio to see the services we provide. Contact us to discuss your needs and rest assured that you will get the most optimal solution for your requirements and your budget.