Does Alexa know about your business?

Let a VOGO Voice professional help you delight your customers with a custom voice app.

Here are some ideas how a smart speaker app can help YOUR business:

Let's say you own an international deli...

…and your stock of meats and cheeses rotates week by week.


Let your customers easily check the specials or what’s in stock this week using your Alexa app.

Customers can ask, “Alexa, ask Mike’s Deli for this week’s specials” or “Alexa, ask Mike’s Deli if the Butterkase is back in stock.” By connecting to even simple data sets like Google Sheets or Airbase, you can keep your customers up to date without a sweat. 

Timely updates keep foot traffic coming in your door. 

Or maybe you're a service business, like a dry cleaner...

…and you’d like another way to let your customers know their cleaning is ready. 


Using Notifications, your customer can be reminded when their clothing is ready for pickup.

Keep your customers happy and get paid faster by advertising your new Alexa app to your customers. By opting in to notifications, they know when their garments are ready, and you can even send additional reminders to those tardy customers as needed.

It’s convenient for them, and profitable for you. 

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