About Us

Our Vision

To enrich access to information in our clients’ communities.

Eighteen years of deep data experience.

As a subsidiary of Xentity Corporation, VOGO Voice is uniquely positioned to understand, and take advantage of, the power of transforming raw data into information and knowledge. We see the voice capabilities offered by Alexa and Google Assistant as fundamental in enabling businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and civic entities to realize the promise of Data Driven Decision making – for themselves, and the people they serve.

We understand the needs of our clients.

From supporting the unique needs and requirements of Civic and Business Data, to managing the longer procurement cycles and lowered tolerance for risk of Government interests, we have the experience and expertise you need to ensure your Voice Skill is a success.

Expertise you can count on.

The VOGO Voice platform is built upon the reliability, security, and scalability of AWS, and our development team trains and maintains certifications in Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Developer, and Alexa Skills Builder to name a few. As an AWS Select Technology Partner, you can feel confident that VOGO Voice is at the forefront in implementing the newest features available for Voice Skills, and you can count on our ability to make those features available to you – fast.

AWS Select Technology Partner

Our Strengths

Geospatial Data

We have the experience to help you leverage your existing investments in geospatial infrastructure with platforms such as Esri and CARTO

Big Data

Former ‘data exhaust’ and metadata is now fueling new data flow constructs to maintain the fidelity. We help determine new patterns and solutions to feed this knowledge-first trend. 

Open Data

Increasing Transparency and Access to valuable data goes beyond compliance. It involves making data re-usable, service-able, and business cases have shown can power economic and scientific advancement. 

IoT & Sensing Data

Beyond Big Data, sensor data – remote or IoT, big and/or fast, requires edge and centralized new data flow patterns to trigger the real-time monitoring to support operation and decision making at the data-driven organization.


Work with one of our experts to determine what type of skill is right for your organization.

or try our app on Alexa and Google Devices.  Say “Alexa, open VOGO Voice”
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