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Frequently Asked Questions

We bill monthly for our service, and we accept all major credit cards. 

If you select our Premium or Ultimate service, we can also bill you monthly with a credit card, or we can establish an invoice account for you. 

Billing Terms:

  • Billing for our self service product begins at the end of your free trial.
  • Billing is in advance. Purchasing the VOGO Voice service entitles you to use the service for the entirety of the billed duration.
  • There are no prorations. If you decide to cancel service, your service will end on the next billing cycle date.
  • There are no refunds. 

Feel free to contact if you have specific billing questions. 

Getting a voice skill up and running only takes a few minutes, but creating a good experience for your users takes time and forethought. If you want to build your own app, our platform allows you to quickly try out features, phrasing and interactions before launching to the public. If you’d rather have some help in building an engaging, rewarding experience for your users, choose one of our Premium or Ultimate products. 

Once a skill has been beta tested and ready for release there is typically a 2-7 day initial review that takes place by Amazon staff to validate the skill is official before going live to the marketplace. 

The VOGO Voice Platform enables you to create voice skills that work on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers and devices. This includes a huge variety of devices, including Amazon Echo, FireTV, Google Home, Android Auto, and both Android and Apple smartphones using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The VOGO Voice service works on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. Siri support is on our roadmap, but we do not support Apple’s Siri at this time. 

Requests to your skill will not be fulfilled if you suspend or cancel your subscription. Don’t worry, your skill will not be deleted, it simply will politely tell your users the skill is unavailable at the moment. If you restart your subscription, your skill will begin to accept requests again. 

If you are using your own Alexa or Google account, you will be able to keep your models, but the fulfillment of the requests is non-transferrable. 

The platform allows for deploying to both Google and Alexa services, but it is not required to use both. An example would be if you are a business, rolling out a skill for your employees. You could select to deploy only on one platform, knowing the devices you have issued to your employees are either Google devices or Alexa devices. 

If you select either of our full service plans, you have the choice of establishing your own developer accounts – or leave that to VOGO. For the self service plan, you will be required to have your own Google, Alexa, or both accounts to publish your self service skill.

If you are a developer looking for a fast, no-code solution for Voice that’s more flexible, powerful, and cross-platform, our self service option is right for you. If you’d rather someone else handle the details of getting your skill up and running, our full service plans are your best choice to getting a skill ready for your customers fast.