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Connecting institutions, educators, students, and administrators through the Power of Voice.

Voice technology is transforming education – is your school, district, educators, students, administrators or program keeping up with these changes? 

VOGO Voice's experts can work with you to assess your current needs, understand the challenges ahead, and create a roadmap for meaningful decisions to transform teaching and learning through learning management systems like voice assistants.

Transforming education through conversations

Voice technology is being used in exciting new ways to engage students and improve student outcomes like never before! The right tools make the difference for success.

Our focus is to help schools gain the greatest benefits from voice technology investments, to have the right resources at the right time, and ensuring first-class service for students, teachers and administrators.

Fostering Voice-Enabled Learning Experiences

Bring your innovative learning ideas. We will build it for you. We focus on providing high quality reliable and affordable services to educational institutions. Throughout our journey, we have adapted to the technological advancements that streamlined our products and services.

We create learning apps that provide resources and opportunities for students to embrace their strengths, identify their needs, and make informed decisions about their futures.

Schoolgirls working at the table in elementary school class
Group of school children eating milk and drinking fruit and using mobile phone during a break at the classroom at school
Value Co-creation through a Blended Learning Approach

Blended learning is a strategy, mindset, and educational approach to learning that sets each student on a path to realizing themselves as learners and contributors in this fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Assistive technology in the classroom and practices based on the principles of blended learning meet students where they are and intentionally move them forward by offering choices, building confidence, and providing customized. learning opportunities.

Actionable Conversations

Learning voice apps and podcasts are the perfect content to be controlled by voice, with various educational organisations launching their own voice skills.This is already a huge area for smart speakers and will continue to grow.

Our voice app, the Kids Decisions on Amazon Alexa.

Open the skill by saying “Alexa, open Kids Decisions”. Includes curated stories to encourage elementary kids to explore the decision making cognitive realm with a keen sense of interest. 

Side view of a Caucasian schoolteacher using digital tablet at school in classroom at school with school kids in background
Front view of a Caucasian male school teacher standing in front of a diverse group of school children sitting at desks and raising their hands to answer a question during a lesson in an elementary school classroom, the teacher pointing to one of them to answer
Bringing your Community Together

Learning is not just about teachers and students. VOGO Voice allows you to bring everyone together—students, teachers, coaches, parents, administrators—with one voice platform.

We offer interactive voice solutions for K12 and Primary Education to tackle learning gaps and empower the learning process. We bind students, teachers and educational institutions together through a new learning experience.

Informational services
Deliver better experiences

Make it easier for teachers to identify student needs and design a more personalized learning experience.

Drive workforce efficiency

The digital employee experience matters—a lot. Learn why and see what the future of work looks like for forward‑thinking agencies

Modernize and do more

Help your stakeholders deliver mission outcomes with the resources and support they need. Automate workflows and streamline conversations into a single, voice -enabled solution.

Everything you need to build a great skill
An all-in-one platform

A platform that provides all the features you need in one place. 

Adding Answers

You can add hundreds of Questions & Answers easily to cover any questions asked during the conversation by your students. No coding required.


Use our dashboard to gain insights and perform optimizations.

Remove Data Silos

Remove data silos and collaborate across departments through our voice skills.

Expert Managed Services

We’re here to help. You can email or call our dedicated  team if you have any issues. Real support from voice skills experts.

Years of Experience

Eighteen years of deep data experience to build and deploy voice capabilities.

We’re here to serve your institution

Improve efficiency and engagement with a voice solution.

Schools & Educational Institutions
Students, Educators & Administrators

Increase efficiency, simplify processes, and meet your mission requirements

Streamline operations, engage students, and empower educators

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