Non-Governmental Organizations​

NGO Solutions

Connecting organizations, employees, members and consumers through the Power of Voice.

As your organization faces new challenges and responsibilities, a voice-enabled transformation approach can support how you navigate and prepare for today and tomorrow.

Our robust platform is designed for NGOs of all sizes. Effortlessly stay in touch and keep your members informed on the latest happenings, manage events, get push notifications, follow-ups, and more through our voice.

Conquer your challenges through a voice-enabled transformation​

Leverage our dedicated team’s deep industry insights and years of experience working with different verticals likes yours. Through voice solutions, our voice specialists are uniquely equipped to help you support your institution’s specific mission, minimize operational risks and streamline your overall operation.

Keep Your People Connected

As a corporation with clients and employees located all over the world, we value and support NGO’s working to improve the communities and personal lives of their citizens. 

We support your journey by a voice-enabled transformation approach from vision through execution.

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Easy Accessibility

Voice skills can serve as a reliable contact point for information that your customers or citizens seek on a regular basis.

Notifications about upcoming  events, event briefing, activities, and holidays make up a significant percentage of this information.Promote your events with voice solutions with automated reminders, calendar invites, and updated events. 

Actionable Insights

Are you running a small or mid-sized or a large organization? Maybe it’s an association, nonprofit, club or local chapter of a larger organization. 

Our voice-enabled solutions will let you to save time, grow your organization, and focus on your mission. Our voice apps can help you to grow your membership and to make make data-driven decisions.

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Generate Awareness About Common Rules & Regulations

The information of the company websites can be converted into a simple Q&A format, and dispensed to employees and customers via a voice skill.

Simple, conversational language and immediate responses to doubts or queries can help your employees, members, donors, customers to stay updated via flash briefing and existing laws, and benefits that apply to them.

Informational services
Deliver better experiences

Make it easier for employees to identify member’s needs and design a more personalized experience.

Drive workforce efficiency

The digital employee experience matters—a lot. Learn why and see what the future of work looks like for forward‑thinking agencies

Modernize and do more

Help your stakeholders deliver mission outcomes with the resources and support they need. Automate workflows and streamline conversations into a single, voice -enabled solution.

Everything you need to build a great skill
An all-in-one platform

A platform that provides all the features you need in one place. 

Adding Answers

You can add hundreds of Questions & Answers easily to cover any questions asked during the conversation by your stakeholders. No coding required.


Use our dashboard to gain insights and perform optimizations.

Remove Data Silos

Remove data silos and collaborate across departments through our voice skills.

Expert Managed Services

We’re here to help. You can email or call our dedicated  team if you have any issues. Real support from voice skills experts.

Years of Experience

Eighteen years of deep data experience to build and deploy voice capabilities.

We’re here to serve your institution

Improve efficiency and engagement with the voice app through data-driven decisions.

Non-Governmental Organizations
Large Corporations & Associations

Increase efficiency, simplify processes, and meet your mission requirements

Streamline operations, engage students, and empower educators

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