floridacentral Credit Union

Developed by VOGO Voice


floridacentral Credit Union, the not-for-profit full-service financial co-operative has set forth to strengthen customer experience with voice-activated banking services. To drive this digital transformation, the credit union bank in collaboration with VOGO Voice has launched a voice app to share up-to-date banking information with its dedicated stream of customers. To allow more efficient communication with the general public, the Alexa voice app has been designed to instantaneously provide upon request details regarding loan rates, membership, business hours, and contact info.

The app offers three key features:

Loan Rates: This feature aids customers in exploring the varying interest rates for the different loan schemes made available by floridacentral. Inquiring customers are provided with the annual percentage rate charged on loan schemes, namely mortgage, home equity, and auto loans along with exact term for repayment.

General Information: To extend a more personalized customer journey, this feature is made receptive to update customers with general or specific information related to the standard working hours along with its business days and contact details based on the user’s request.

FAQ: The Frequently Asked Question section furnishes responses to address queries concerning membership or joining eligibility, opening a bank account, as well as offers the needful guidance on fetching account-related information by phone.

floridacentral Credit Union is dedicated to imparting instant, useful, and accurate information to create a great customer experience for the banking clientele. The inspiration to consistently serve its consumer community, therefore, is the elemental idea that has spurred the making of this serviceable voice app. The voice-activated banking assistance is oriented towards imparting a hassle-free tier of information along with rendering the ultimate customer satisfaction for its end-users.

By enabling the floridacentral Credit Union voice app, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

After you enable the skill, here are a few ways to get started:

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