Library Voice Demo

Developed by VOGO Voice


Voice tech adoption by businesses is accelerating at a breakneck pace. The voice interface is becoming increasingly popular with major players in every sector. Vogo Voice decided to blaze the trail for the most important segment of the information industry- The libraries!

Our Library Voice Demo aims to showcase how routine search requests can be executed with simple voice commands. It enables users to look up library locations, check upcoming events, and even get specifics on their venue and schedule. Events for preschoolers to adults, be it writing workshops for creative minds or gaming events for children, all of those can be categorically updated so the end-user can access it anywhere, anytime, totally hands-free.

Most public libraries often face some degree of difficulty in efficiently updating their community members on the series of upcoming events, workshops, virtual programs, resources, and new releases. A voice app like this will not only downsize the pitfalls of the conventional systems but also expedite usability, thus helping libraries attract the attention of a whole new group of members. Especially the ones riding the voice wave!

In other words, the Library Voice Demo effectively exhibits how community members can access public library services through smart speakers. Keeping your audience consistently updated on the activities and events at your library, our voice app serves to strengthen your relationship with the members of your community in this age of digital transformation.

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