Mastering Articles

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English is a tricky language. There are too many rules at play for anyone to grasp the basic grammar before they can master the art of communicating efficiently. At VOGO Voice we are committed to helping you confront this challenge, one concept at a time. With this motive, we bring you the latest addition to our ESL voice app family. Mastering Articles is a game, exclusively designed to help you learn and understand the cardinal rules of using definite and indefinite articles. 

The format resonates with typical ESL worksheets allowing players to test their ability of using articles in different contexts. All you need to do is fill in the blank part of the given sentence with one of the two articles given in the options. Practice with a roster of contextually diverse questions to assimilate the shift in usage under various situations. A customized explanation clearly stating why that article comes in use follows every question. Before the action begins, players can have a warm-up session with the demo feature. A brief walkthrough of the rules and exceptions for using articles is showcased in this demo to give you a headstart in the game. 

The game is a fun and interactive way to try out an extensive range of questions on the go. It scores the player based on the number of right answers to keep up the thrill of playing while learning. All commands to navigate through the skill can be accessed via the Help feature. 

This is one of the very few resources out there that provide a right-off-the-bat solution to the questions. You can work through your articles while doing virtually anything. 

Our practical and diverse range of examples makes this game a suitable starting point for learners of all age groups to efficiently cozy up to the concept. Right from elementary school ESL students to adults willing to level up their English, all will find this skill equally helpful.  We encourage you to try this skill on your Alexa device and experience firsthand the ease of learning English grammar through a smart speaker. 

After you enable the skill, here’s how you get started

Supported Languages

English (US)

English (UK)

English (CA)

English (IN)

English (AU)

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