Mastering Homophones

Developed by VOGO Voice


Mastering Homophones is VOGO Voice’s latest addition to its series of educational skills that all ages can relate to. Conceptualized to benefit ESL learners, it brings forth a harmonious blend of spelling, grammar, and pronunciation in the guise of an amusing gameplay introducing eager minds into the rich world of homophones. The fun wordplay offers two game levels exploring a range of mind-bending homophones through contextualized sentences to entertain and educate users, at home or just about anywhere.

Careful listening is the tool to aid users score their way through the two levels: namely, “Guess the definition” and “Pick a homophone”. With every correct answer, the user scores a point and none if wrongly answered. Each set carries three questions with the scores announced at the end of it. Choosing one of the two options is the prescribed format of response to each question. The user can switch between levels at any time as well as ask Alexa, “what’s a homophone?” whenever in need. Bear in mind, the total score can only be attained at the close of each session.  

This edu-entertainment gameplay with its variety of homophones is suitable for all ages. Users can use commands such as “reset” to start all over again; “change level” to switch between levels at any moment, “skip” to pass on a question, and “repeat” to have Alexa say it again. Curated to appeal especially to the ESL community of learners this skill can help whip up some fun while users set out to garner knowledge of similar-sounding words. All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Mastering Homophones.”

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