Mastering Phrasal Verbs

Developed by VOGO Voice


VOGO Voice’s latest addition, Mastering Phrasal Verbs is an educational Alexa app uniquely crafted to engage the growing community of ESL learners. The skill’s gameplay serves to help English language enthusiasts master phrasal verbs and step up their conversational competency to sound more like a native speaker. Endowing learners with the contextual meaning and usage of common phrasal verbs forms the crux of this voice skill.

This interesting gameplay has two levels of challenges. Level 1, ‘Pick a Phrasal’ with its fun quotient provides learners the chance to pick the correct phrasal verb that conveys the meaning given in the question. While Level 2, ‘Fill up the blank’ is purposed to understand the contextual usage of phrasal verbs. The user needs to fill the blank space in the sentence with the appropriate phrasal verb from the options given. To further encourage players, the skill introduces a scoring system in which every correct answer is worth a point. Moreover, each set carries three questions with the scores announced after each set and the total score declared at the end of the session.

The dual challenges host an exhaustive repository of phrasal verbs suited for all age groups to learn and employ in their conversation. The Help section vividly presents the essential know-how on how to enjoy the game’s capabilities. Additionally, learners can freely attain a comprehensive walkthrough on phrasal verbs by just saying “Teach me about phrasal verbs”. There’s a diverse set of commands made available to aid users to navigate across the skill with ease such as, “reset” to clear progress and start all over again, “change level” to switch between levels anytime, “skip” to pass on a question, and “repeat” to have Alexa say it again. Simply put, this ESL skill facilitates an easy and efficient way of learning the English language and can impart a love of learning through its gamified format. All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Mastering Phrasal Verbs.”

After you enable the skill, here’s how you get started

Supported Languages

English (US)

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