Mrs. Clock

Developed by VOGO Voice


Mrs. Clock is VOGO Voice’s latest addition to its series of educational voice apps, that has been creatively designed to instil a love of learning in students. The skill has been uniquely conceptualised to get a wholesome understanding of how to tell time, making it best suited for children under 13 years of age. Amply supported by audio cues and visual aids, the skill capacitates young learners to differentiate between time intervals as it moves along from 0 to 15 minutes by increments of 5 and 10 respectively.

Backed by three game levels, namely easy, medium and hard, the voice app sets the tone for students to efficiently read time from an analog clock.  The versatile modeling of the application presents kids with the opportunity to sequentially practice different intervals of the big hand. Questions are rolled in sets of three with scores given after each set and the total score relayed at the close of every session. Every correct answer is worth a point. The most fascinating aspect is the skill’s ability to reduce the wait time to make the play more challenging provided the players have correctly answered all three questions in a set. 

The Alexa-powered gameplay shows and describes the position of the little hand and big hand to understand the distinct representation of the hands of a clock. The robust help section is a boon for students to navigate the skill with ease as they move to and fro between levels. To set the stage for active learning, the skill lets students ask for a ‘Demo’ that imparts basic rules on how to read time with suitable examples for 0 to 5 and 15-minute increments. Commands such as “reset” enable users to start the game all over again; “change level” to switch between levels as desired, and “skip” to pass on a question. Players can also choose to switch on and off options based on their proficiency.  Curated to appeal to students of different learning interests, the application is packed with a fine mix of fun and knowledge. 

All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Mrs Clock.”

After you enable the skill, here’s how you get started:

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