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The German gearbox manufacturing company STOBER, collaborated with VOGO Voice to introduce a voice assistant as the new touchpoint for sharing vital business information with its distributors and buyers. STOBER voice app is designed to obtain quick responses to common informational requests about the company and its products. The Amazon Alexa voice skill can locate the nearest sales representative, procure oil quantities for STOBER gearbox units, and provide active phone details to reach customer care executives on demand.

The app has three key features:
Rep info: This feature tracks down the details of a STOBER representative and regional manager in a given area. Distributors need not make a call to the company every time they need to find cursory details of the nearest sales rep. The app checks the request against a database of representative contact information, using zip code input to elevate information accuracy and personalization in a geographic context. 

Product information: It assists in knowing the oil capacities of different gearbox units manufactured by STOBER. By quizzing users on a couple of attributes like utility, gearbox type, and mounting position, the app accurately relays the oil capacity of the desired unit. 

Contact info: If your query does not lie within the functional domain of this app, it helps you access the details of our operational phone lines that can instantly connect you with our available customer care agents.

Product knowledge is key in marketing, as is evidenced by growing sales and customer retention. The app essentially serves to deter any information vacuum on STOBER’s products and services by allowing easy access to relevant details through a smart speaker. The combined expertise of distributors and the voice app guides end-users to make informed choices when buying and using STOBER products, leading to a well-rounded customer experience.

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