Tickle Math

Developed by VOGO Voice


Tickle Math is our in-house voice app built to teach numbers and basic mathematical functions for kids through fun elements. It’s a math game for toddlers and preschoolers who would love to play as well as learn, and the more they practice, the greater is their opportunity to excel! This fun induced mode of learning helps them identify numbers and also get their training started on simple math functions such as addition and subtraction. It focuses on improving conceptual math abilities, particularly by enhancing their understanding of number bonds.

The game consists of four levels. Level one is basic finger math and level four poses the highest grade of difficulty as it involves numbers in the range of 1000. Kids get to score one point each for every correct answer and if the answer is wrong, they get tickled. Tickle Math includes single-digit, double-digit, and triple-digit numbers for addition and subtraction. Your kids can switch between the game levels to increase or decrease the level of difficulty depending on how proficient they are in solving the problems.

Children are more likely to remember and recollect what they have learned when there is a fun factor in the learning process. It also encourages them to learn more frequently without boredom and stress. Tickle Math is designed to accomplish such kid-friendly learning needs to boost their numerical ability. It is a perfect introduction to the basics of addition and subtraction, and will teach your kids sorting and logical skills along with early mathematics which becomes the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Free to Enable

By enabling the Tickle Math skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices. 

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Supported Languages
English (US)

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