Tickle Series

Gamify your Kids' Learning

Tickle Series is VOGO Voice’s trio of in-house voice apps where Alexa turns into a tutor to amplify children’s foundational knowledge of the English Language and the elementary world of math. The three educational entertainment voice apps are specially curated to edify toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners in a cognitively stimulating yet playful environment. Designed to allure kids and parents alike, the Tickle trilogy is primarily crafted to engage kids and aid parents in facilitating young children’s language and numeracy skills.

Tickle Letters voice app presents a fun-evoking, phonics game to boost your child’s language and cognitive skills. Its vocabulary-focused games, namely Finder, Speller and Reader have been developed to help little minds to comprehend, spell, and pronounce common English three-letter words. Finder is a guessing game encouraging kids to recall the first, second, or third letter of a word while Speller incites them to spell, and Reader aids them in mastering pronunciation. No matter the game, every wrong answer calls for tremendous tickles. Receptive and productive vocabularies are woven into this voice skill to sensitize little kids to early childhood learning and language development.

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The kid-centric Tickle Math voice app offers a finger math game to coach kids on number bonds and conceptual math through entertaining elements. The engaging and playful voice skill focuses on simple functions like addition and subtraction ranging over single to triple-digit numbers. To suit the varied learning interests of children and to enhance their numerical ability, four levels of difficulty have been crafted into their creative making fused with the tickle ingredient. Rendered for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond, the skill is designed with the vision to promote positive learning outcomes.

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Tickle Matching, the third and interesting addition to our Tickle series comprises two vocabulary games spun with word matching activities. This Alexa skill is anchored in the fruitful idea to rouse little ones to higher levels of logical thinking and acting. Suited for kids with different learning interests, the gamified vocabulary attempts to enhance children’s understanding of the elemental English word stock. Identifying what’s similar and different are its two diverse games pickled with tickles to invoke chuckles and nourish kids’ intellect.

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