Tickle Matching

Developed by VOGO Voice


Vocabulary training forms a crucial part of language development in kids. Teaching kids new words is important. But how do we make sure they retain them? Tickle Matching is VOGO Voice’s attempt to strengthen their memory of words by stimulating logical thinking. This voice skill for Amazon Alexa is a whole new spin to the good ol’ play of odd one out. We present a highly recommended exercise of ESL classrooms as the third addition to our series of Tickle games.

There are two games that form the whole experience.
1. What’s different – In this game, the player must pick the word that does not match with the rest of the words in the set.
2. What’s similar – This game requires them to match a given word with another word in the set, based on the category they belong to.

In a simple and entertaining format, the game works to hone basic vocabulary skills. If kids have been reading and learning words through other mediums, it will help reinforce their memory of those words. The words that appear in the questions are handpicked to make sure they are connected with day-to-day routine, thus making them easier to remember. The questions are carefully designed to test a child’s ability to distinguish between everyday things like food items, animals, clothes, etc.

Both games involve simple three-lettered words, apt for preschoolers and toddlers to begin practice. Each question consists of a combination of three words and they are expected to figure the similarities or differences between words, based on the game they choose. Every correct answer is worth one point. A wrong answer calls for tickles. Cracking the questions and scoring points builds their confidence and encourages them to keep playing and breaking their previous records. The penalty adds to the fun element. The game is more of a think-in-English practice for children and also works as a bonding session between parents and kids. In addition to laying the groundwork for language and logical reasoning, it readily fuels a child’s imagination.

Free to Enable

By enabling the Tickle Matching skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

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Supported Languages
English (US)

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