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Our VOGO Voice study guide is a tool to help learners train themselves better and smarter for various examinations. If you are a student or a test taker, it is the easiest way to practice and master what you’re learning. The purpose of our skill is to organize and arrange your notes and study materials to enhance your comprehension, and improve memory to retain sufficient information. It supports the user in the learning process by channelizing their attention on important topics and helping them revise before the examination.

The Voice Study Guides come with three types of study methods namely flashcards, sample tests, and practice questions. It enables students and test participants to learn, train, and practice for various certification and academic examinations at their own pace.

It is essential to address the learning style or learning preference of every individual learner when developing a voice app for study guides. Therefore, we equip you with the provision to create your own study guide content or to find a suitable study guide that caters to your learning needs by visiting the Voice Study Guides official page. The study guides are designed for customized learning styles along with providing flexible and versatile learning experiences.

You can effectively assess your knowledge on a chosen subject to help you prep better and faster.  

The main components of our Voice Study Guide skill are :

  • Flashcards – They are the most preferred mode of learning when it comes to studying terms and definitions in particular. In addition, it allows a user to break down complex study material into concepts that are simple to decipher.
  • Practice questions- It focuses on the depth of understanding rather than breadth of content coverage. Practice questions provide learners with multiple opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they have learned and to assess the areas that need improvement. 
  • Sample tests- The structured sample tests give a real-time simulated exam experience which enables learners to evaluate their readiness for the examination. The percentage score at the end of the test helps them identify the topics they have mastered and encourages them to focus on weaker areas.

After you enable the skill, here are a few ways to get started:

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