Voice technology trend that business leaders must pay attention to in 2021

business leaders need to know about voice technology

Businesses are a part of the tidal wave of customer adoption to voice. Brands must plan for a variety of voice-activated scenarios, from searches to content and entertainment to services that are the voice equivalent of smartphone apps. Consumers are driving the emergence of voice as a new channel, and business leaders need to start putting their voice strategy in place quickly if they want to make sure they are not left behind

Why Voice should be An Important Part Of Your Business Strategy

Consumer aspiration is always evolving, hence the technology that quenches their predicament must be innovative and inclusive. Humans tend to trust those emotions and instincts that can be perceived directly by their senses. Voice has the potential to transform the way we interact with technology and brands. People are not only forging new relationships with voice-activated devices, they are weaving them into their lives and daily routines. This is a novel opportunity for brands to shape a splendid & immersive experience that customers love!

Create a Voice Brand Identity

To make a deeply engaging and emotional connection with your customers, conversational experience through voice must be the central part of your brand’s omnichannel strategy. Most voice interface devices have great user insight capabilities that help to know what questions people are asking. The insights collected during the interaction are applied to every aspect of the customer journey. It helps to gain reliable cognizance and identify the gaps between the desired customer experience and the one received. Voice has become a powerful way for brands to tie in with their customers and to build loyal relationships by creating an emotional bonding. Voice is an avenue to create a brand identity. KFC has started using voice skills that impersonate Colonel Sanders-all you need is a voice command and Col. Sanders will deliver! This makes it incredibly easy for customers to place an order and to have a gratifying experience that they will ever remember. For companies as well as for customers, Voice is the best of both worlds!

The Voice First Business

The advent of voice technology brought in a transformative shift in consumer marketing. When the internet emerged as a marketing channel in the early ’90s, a few businesses could understand the immense potential e-commerce can provide. Many assumed that nobody was going to buy online until Amazon and Alibaba disrupted the space and buried the competition. A similar transformation was observed in the late 2000s as the app-based economy took off. Many companies squander the opportunity to build and launch an app that made their customers switch to the competitors who were first movers. It recurred in 2014 with the rise of social media. No one thought advertising in social media would be economical. Businesses that lag behind their peers in pursuing digital technologies will have to pay a hefty annual “Laggard Penalty” — the difference in both cost and revenue gains influenced by digital technologies. As history shows us, we are getting to a point where ‘if you are not prepared to embrace voice you will be shaken by the upcoming ripple of voice technology!’. Gain early adoption and edge out competition should be the mantra to success. You will be a decade behind if you are ignoring the opportunity to deliver voice interactions to your customers. This is your wake up call to act! Don’t miss the bright future of voice-first business.

Voice-driven Value Economy - The Future!

If there was ever a time to get into the voice-first business, it would be now. Many companies will have to rethink how they can use voice technology to gain consumers’ attention during everyday activities. As we move into what will undoubtedly be a more automated future, voice technology offers immensely easier interactions for consumers and substantial gains in productivity and engagement for businesses. Businesses across the industry must start acting in this direction to maintain and enhance the customer satisfaction level and also to survive the race ahead. Brands and businesses are excited about the future of voice-driven value economy as it becomes ubiquitous; spurred by the explosive adoption and customers will be able to interact naturally with their assistant.

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