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Give your customers the ability to "Just Ask" with our Full Service Solution

The convenience, accessibility, and simplicity of “just ask” is now a reality.    There are over 110 million virtual assistant users in the United States alone!
We help you reach this growing audience with smart, targeted, reliable, and cross-platform voice-enabled applications.

Full Service Solution

Professional, Intelligent and Reliable Voice Solutions

VOGO Voice brings to the forefront, development of advanced voice applications that are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to address the highest needs of our clients. We devise a versatile voice skill for your needs by drawing upon your vision and business goals to find the right mix of features. Our specialized and all inclusive Full-service Plan is suited to serve clients whose interests surround either specific or diverse market segments.

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Our Specialised Four-Phase Client-Focused Approach

We discover the client’s vision, assess their requirements, and deliver our product offering through a phased approach. For the successful completion of the streamlined phases, we undertake a rigorous strategy that reflects the Four-Phase Approach

Phase 1


The client discovery process is the first and foremost phase which involves the special measures we take up to understand the client’s business objectives, analyzing the pain points they want to address by proposing a suitable voice solution, and identifying the target group they want to serve. The insights collected from the client’s input will form the basis for us to define the objective for market research with precision.

Phase 2


The second stage comprises the pre-development validation process to determine the value proposition of the voice app even before building its prototype. To facilitate this outcome, we formulate the leap-of faith assumption addressing the client’s pain points and subject it to testing as part of our market research based on survey feedback.

Phase 3


Upon interpreting the survey feedback , we take measures to assign our specialized team of voice user interface (VUI) designers with the task of developing a prototype. Subsequent to the assembly of the proposed prototype, we evaluate the designed voice app through testing and take the necessary steps to publish it to the Alexa Skills Store.

Phase 4


After publishing the skill, we extend our services to manage and monitor the tailored voice skill using our unique Dashboard metrics and Insights feature. Additionally, if at any point in time, the client seeks to alter interactions or voice features, VOGO Voice will ensure to make the necessary modifications as per the client’s specifications.

The VOGO Voice Platform

VOGO Voice offers our full-service clients a wide range of features to choose from while they make use of our platform to create voice conversations for their products and/or services. To curate distinctive and meaningful voice solutions we bring before you four key features our robust platform provides as part of its exclusive service offering:

News, RSS Feeds, MRSS Feeds

Our versatile platform is well equipped to create news articles, connect to any website’s data using RSS feed to keep users on track with the latest headlines and relevant information

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Scheduled and Calendared Events

We can design for you event-oriented voice apps which your user can access through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices to stay updated on events

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The unique capabilities our platform supports make it possible for us to create intuitive voice app solutions to offer the client’s customer base with personalized interactions.

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We offer our clients tailor-made voice app solutions with the capability to notify their users with important notifications which will show up on Alexa and Google devices

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Transforming Commercial Sphere & Public Sector

Whether you have a business to run, constituents to serve, or employees to manage, VOGO Voice can help understand your specific needs and identify solutions in your line of business. 

Custom Voice Solutions

For Businesses

In today’s world of disruptive technology, businesses are curious to leverage its potential to develop brand consistency. The remarkable resourcefulness of voice solutions we offer are capable of lending your brand a voice as well as aid you in catering to a wide customer base who use voice enabled devices. With our suite of customized voice solutions, you can increase productivity, drive efficiency at the workplace, and gain momentum in a short span of time. 

Enhanced Civic Engagement

For Governments

What if you could deliver information to your citizens no matter where they are? If you are thinking of ways to generate interest in your residents to stay informed about municipal services, listen to articles from the city’s monthly newsletter, and timely news updates, we have the right solution for you. VOGO Voice can help you reconnect with your community and enhance citizen engagement by building user-friendly voice app solutions tailored to your needs.

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