Unlock your data

Address your geocoding needs

Think of a voice skill that needs to utilize addresses and locations to provide more depth in the conversational experience. Use location-based conversations to manipulate records to create out-of-the-box solutions.

Example Use Cases

  • Use Voice to execute Geocoding or Reverse Geocoding process for supporting user searches by query to return specific text-based street address data or digital geographic coordinates, specifically latitude and longitude.
  • Expand on the benefits of geocoded results to locate and analyze users on digital maps.
  • Perform specific market and region data analysis to plan sales territories and improvise marketing strategies.
  • Broaden the usage of this connector with the right mix of VOGO components and other compatible connectors to append its results with variables of your choice to create demographic estimates and projections.
  • Leverage to the fullest the benefits of the Geocoder connector to amplify geomarketing activities.

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