Adjective Tutor

January 06, 2022 - Denver, Colorado

We’ve got exciting news for you! It’s the grand release of VOGO Voice’s ‘Adjective Tutor’, a smart edu-entertainment voice app.

The two exclusive features of the game are:
1.Guess the Degree – This exciting game level fosters the ability of users to identify the comparative or superlative form of an adjective from the given options.
2. Toss an Adjective – This reinforcement level requires learners to toss a suitable form of an adjective to fill up the blank of each sentence based on the contextual setting.

Adjective Tutor is highly interactive and adaptive to the learner’s needs and interests. It has been rolled out to the benefit of English language learners with two distinct levels to help all inquisitive learners falling into varying age groups to easily imbibe, grasp and master, as well as enrich the knowledge of degrees of comparison of adjectives at any convenient pace and place of their choice.

Here is how you can enable the skill on your Alexa device:
Say, “Alexa, Open Adjective Tutor” to get started.

By enabling the Adjective Tutor skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

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