Mastering Phrasal Verbs

June 09 2022- Denver, Colorado

We’re greatly excited to share with you the grand release of Mastering Phrasal Verbs, the newest addition to VOGO Voice’s collection of ESL Skills.

The game features two exciting challenges:

  1. Pick a Phrasal – This amusing level quizzes players to identify the correct phrasal verb that matches the meaning given in the question.
  2. Fill up the blank –  Presents learners with the opportunity to complete a sentence by choosing the correct phrasal verb.

Designed to educate and entertain avid learners across all age groups, the Mastering Phrasal Verbs voice app is one of a kind, fun, and scholastic in nature. It imparts knowledge in the realm of English phrasal verbs to students, especially in the ESL community, a boon to those looking to build conversational fluency. The voice app is pivoted on the idea to usher learners into the fun yet educational pathway of grasping commonly used phrasal verbs and their contextual usage. Adding to its utility, there’s a demo for beginners to understand what phrasal verbs are citing ample examples. Conversational competency is a crucial milestone highly regarded by any bilingual, linguist, or polyglot. Hence, this skill is designed with engaging dual-levels reflecting a variety of phrasal verbs to provide the right backing for ESL students who are aspiring to step into the next level of fluency in English.

Here is how you can enable the skill on your Alexa device: 

Say, “Alexa, Open Mastering Phrasal Verbs” to get started.

By enabling the Mastering Phrasal Verbs skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices. 

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