Product Release

October 25, 2021

Version 1.17.2 Release

In this version, we’ve included a new component called the code block. In a nutshell, it enables you to build and describe an interaction flow using a sample snippet. It enables users to create basic interaction flows rather than complex ones. To do this, a codeblock component must be brought into the interaction flow, which renders the javascript immutable and so improves readability.

vogo voice_code block component
Code Block Component

Take a look at some of the highlights of this release below:

  • A new variable was included under the slots which defined a list of representative values for the slot. As part of the intent specification, you may declare the specific slot type and its values here, as well as the name of the type.
  • The width and height of the label positioning of the skill name are fixed depending on length of the skill name from 130 and  2.4 rem to 1.4 rem respectively.
  • The text alignment in the interaction flow builder and the readability concerns have been addressed with an upgraded version of increased width size by 800 pxls.
  • The page was unresponsive while generating or deleting a new intent; with the improved version, the users may remove it without error.
  • The value written in the empty field disappears in the Switch interaction component, has been rectified with the display values in the corresponding labeling field.
  • Users now have access to improved message information: In the case of a user invitation or a deleted invite, users will now be advised, among other things, that the invitation has expired or that it has been withdrawn by the administrator.