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The VOGO Voice platform allows for fast creation and flexible maintenance of voice apps (also referred to as voice skills) in a secure, enterprise-grade multi-tenant ecosystem without coding that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is capable of connecting to a wide variety of underlying data sources, including simple online spreadsheets, Open Data, SQL and Geodatabase sources, and APIs provided by service providers such as Salesforce and ESRI. 

Often the first step in building a voice strategy is to identify and discover the strategic and voice-related technical needs of your company. We can assess and guide you through the voice decisions that your company needs.

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Custom built voice solutions

We offer you a wide range of custom-built voice solutions to address your specific business needs. We continue to expand our solutions portfolio to help businesses and agencies to solve challenges and achieve success and ensure greater returns on investment.

Voice apps

We help you build natural voice experiences to excel your journey to smart speakers market with our voice skill development services. Our professional team can help you build intelligent & reliable voice apps. We can support multiple integrations and enable you to connect with various devices like Amazon Echo family, and Google devices for smoother and faster business operations.

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Conversation is a new platform, and voice is the new trend and a powerful interface. We know what it takes to help users enjoy a voice-based experience, and for you to deliver a successful voice skill.

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