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Empower Your Fleet with VOGO Voice

VOGO Voice for Transportation

You need a Voice solution for your transportation business. 

Let VOGO Voice build a flexible, maintainable solution for you… FAST!

Hands-Free enhancements to your service offerings and workforce:

Address Regulatory Concerns

Smartphone and computer use while your trucks are moving can cause legal and regulatory headaches for your business, but your drivers need to keep you informed. Leverage the power of Voice while encouraging driver safety and increasing your efficiency and profitability.

Handle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Provide fast answers to your most commonly asked questions. As information changes, you can easily update – or even link directly to your company data using VOGO Voice’s platform.

Scheduled Delivery Updates

Make it easy for your customers to get delivery updates. Connect to your existing calendars using VOGO Voice’s calendar connector.

Service Information Updates

Use your service data to provide easy updates to customer service requests. 


Notifications allow your customers to opt-in to getting updates on topics important to them.

Vehicle Status and Delivery Updates

Drivers can advise of adverse weather or traffic conditions impacting scheduled delivery times. Reports are immediate and don’t require your driver to wait on hold or take their hands off the wheel. Changes and updates are fast and easy with VOGO Voice.

LTL Load Status and Damage Reports

LTL load status and damage reports can be handled swiftly using voice. See how you can collect critical data with VOGO Voice!

Learn how to leverage the Power of Voice for Transportation!

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