Transforming and Redefining Civic Space with Voice Apps

By Mike Giddens    Founder & CTO, VOGO Voice

With smart speakers invading every part of US households, customers expect organizations to deliver personalized experience leveraging the advanced capabilities of voice technology. The influx of voice assistants has not only impacted the business sphere but also extends to the civic space influencing citizen expectations of government services. The public is looking for seamless, hassle-free interaction with the communities that serve them paving way for enhanced citizen engagement and deeper public ownership. Adopting a voice-based approach is the befitting solution to address their emerging needs as it creates connected citizen experiences and tremendously increases service delivery efficiencies. This calls for exploring the application prospects of voice apps in civic space to understand how it benefits civic agencies and their constituents.

Integrating voice apps into the federal operational infrastructure facilitates easy, on-demand access to essential services and government information. This resolves the ever-present pain points of lag in responses and vague service delivery commitments. Working towards transparency, voice technology encourages people to collaborate with the governing bodies in the decision-making process by instantly registering their feedback and grievances which will eventually improve the quality of public services. 

In this webinar, join Mike Giddens Founder & CTO, VOGO Voice for a comprehensive overview of how the civic space can leverage voice technology focusing on its advantages and civic innovations. It will also help you gain actionable insights on how to facilitate citizen-centric governance through voice apps.

What you learn:

  • A brief introduction to our multi-tenant platform showcasing our exclusive services.
  • The impact of fast-paced adoption of smart speakers on civic space.
  • Exploring the advantage of voice-driven omni channel service.
  • What are the long-term benefits of implementing a voice solution for civic agencies?
  • Application prospects of voice apps for citizen engagement with use-cases.
  • Choosing the best approach in building voice apps: DIY vs Full service.

A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.

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