Voice Technology: The Next Frontier for Parks and Recreation

By Mike Giddens    Founder & CTO, VOGO Voice

In this era of digital evolution witnessing an increased uptake of smart speakers, voice technology has become a disruptive force transforming the commercial sphere, enterprise capabilities, and even the civic operational infrastructure. Leveraging the voice assistants for their advanced functionalities has tremendously impacted citizen expectations of public services. What they expect is a seamless, hassle-free interaction with the agencies to access quality services in a timely manner. This serves as a primary driver for the Parks and Recreation Department to capitalize on a cutting-edge voice solution to ensure operational efficiency and promote enhanced citizen engagement. But “How do voice apps generate interest in citizens to be meaningfully involved in the development and use of parks and recreational facilities?”

Implementing a customized voice app equips the state and local agencies to address the emerging needs of citizens by offering tailored services catering to their individual specifications. Voice-enabled access to desired information facilitates better connectivity with the public encouraging them to frequently visit parks and get involved in recreational activities. By harnessing the potential of voice apps, the agencies can devise developmental strategies improvised with adjustments to their staffing and other resources to accommodate citizen needs efficiently.

In this webinar, join Mike Giddens, Founder & CTO at VOGO Voice to gain actionable insights on how Parks and Recreation agencies can leverage a suitable voice solution to drive citizen engagement and foster operational efficiency. It will also present a detailed analysis of the application prospects of voice apps for outdoor recreational activities like camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.

What you will learn:

  • A brief introduction to our multi-tenant platform showcasing our exclusive services.
  • Why Parks and Recreation need to leverage voice technology.
  • How the advent of voice technology impacts citizen expectations.
  • Exploring the advantage of voice-driven omnichannel service.
  • What are the key drivers for Parks and Recreation agencies in implementing a voice solution?
  • How voice assistants act as default customer service agents.
  • Benefits of voice-driven capabilities in camping, hunting, fishing, and, hiking.

A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.

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