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Focus Group Playbook

Focus group being an effective qualitative market research technique can be implemented to validate the viability and market acceptability of your customized voice app. It facilitates consumer validation by drawing upon the perceptions, feedback and decision making process of your target audience at an early stage of the voice app development cycle. Our Focus Group Playbook provides informational insights into the extensive application prospects of this research tool in building a customer-fit voice app. Explore the key components of our well-crafted focus group process and analyze its impact in tailoring your voice strategy to address the customer pain points.

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A Smarter Voice Assistant Experience In Civic Space

The concept of smart governance can be seamlessly implemented by integrating voice technology into the civic process infrastructure. Witness how voice assistants become a game-changer in civic space by helping government entities improve on their operational efficiency to ensure enhanced citizen engagement. This whitepaper delineates the pressing need for civic bodies to leverage on the advanced capabilities of smart speakers to promote fast delivery of government services and easy accessibility of information to make intelligent data-driven decisions.


Brand Marketing with Alexa and Google Enabled Devices

Voice-enabled technology has become a game-changer in the customer journey and the perfect pliable strategy for consumer brands. It has now become a catalyst for cultivating interactivity among consumers so much so that there’s a major shift in the realm of active marketing. Transitioning to voice has topped the list of priorities for both marketers and brands alike. Our whitepaper explores the strategic ways and solutions on how marketing agencies can turn the spotlight on brands in this age of Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Voice Assistants in Education: The Next Big EdTech Trend

Reinventing the learning experience is one of the big challenges in this age of information. In the field of education, using a voice assistant as part of the experience has shown interesting potential, both as a teaching aid and as an administrative tool. A successful educational voice journey starts with clearly understanding the range of voice technology components and options, and starts by selecting a suitable voice solutions integrator. In this whitepaper, we explore the journey of the voice-enabled transformation in education and are aligned towards a broader vision that enables constant innovation and enhancement of teaching and learning methodologies.


Voice technology for Business Success

Consumer adoption of voice technology is set to disrupt the way people buy products and services. The dawn of voice-first business is rising and voice has become a synonym for value. There is an opportunity for businesses to leverage this burgeoning space for their customers and clients to make their lives easier, smarter, and less stressful. In this whitepaper, we guide you through the process of innovative adoption of voice technology that will pave the way to business success across industries such as marketing & advertising, education, workforce, retail, transportation, and logistics.

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