Sapna Maria Gomez

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: ArcGIS

ArcGIS, an integrated server-based GIS is hosted and managed by Esri to aid in analyzing and visualizing the compiled geographic data by leveraging its integrated tools to facilitate mapping and spatial reasoning.

skill review three questions

Skill Review: Three Questions

“Three questions” is a fun, educational game created for trivia enthusiasts by This voice skill has to its credit thousands of trivia questions to tease brains and evoke nail-biting moments. The questions popped at the user ranges across a number of categories including science, literature, and pop culture. The skill poses a challenge to its users to pocket necessary points by answering as many questions as possible to step up the scoring ladder on the “Three Questions” leaderboard.

Brainy Bee

Skill Review: Brainy Bee

Brainy Bee developed by Voice Whiz is an interactive quiz game for inquisitive kids in different planes of the learning platform. Often most voice skills are geared for adults or people across all age groups, but Brainy Bee has been designed with a purposeful intent to make learning a more enjoyable process for students as well as motivate them as they step up their learning curve.

Rosetta stone

Skill Review: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone developed by Rosetta Stone Ltd. is an interactive skill that delivers language training in multiple languages to its users. This voice skill is different from the usual version of language learning programs. The Rosetta Stone attempts to help users who are traveling to a new country yet are not well versed with the language native to that country. The voice skill supports the learning of languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Russian.