Digital transformation of Brands through Voice technology

digital transformation to voice

Brands are under perennial pressure to respond to the rapid advancement in technologies and to the shift in ways the consumers communicate with businesses. In today’s customer-centric business landscape, it is the customer who is driving the change that makes companies revamp their business models and adapt to the new market reality. Brands need to understand how technology can simplify everyday tasks by adding value and removing friction from the customer experience. When it comes to digital transformation, the focus must be on improving customer experience and reduction in operational cost. Both these goals can be efficiently achieved through successful digital transformation to voice.  Having a voice assistant in your voice channel can help you begin a successful digital transformation journey and can easily scale across different channels to create a rich, cohesive, and interactive experience between businesses and their customers.

How businesses benefit from Voice as a Retention Channel

Voice Analytics : Gather User Insights and Customer Experience

For any business, understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and user data helps to review performance and gauge customer engagement that drives direct responses and to grow audiences. With voice analytics, the VUI platform can provide incredible data for brands to discover radical insights and achieve ROI. Brands can not only increase user engagement, retention, better customer experience but also can develop more contextual relevance over time through analytics. It helps the product and marketing team to improve their offerings. Voice analytics has enormous business value for companies in a range of industries including and not limited to retail, customer service, insurance, technology, financial services, and healthcare. They can leverage this technology to generate insights into customer needs.

For a successful digital metamorphosis, a brand must take into consideration all of the customer touchpoints- ‘the channels’ and the customer’s entire journey. Choosing the right channel to start and then build a consistent experience across the rest of the channels should be the number one priority. Thoughtful and helpful interactions that genuinely enhance the experience will drive engagement and deeper relationships between consumers and brands.

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