Infusing voice technology into education

infusing voice technology

Infusing voice technology into education will transform the classroom learning experiences and outcomes.

Choosing the right Voice EdTech solution provider is a major investment and a herculean task for any school. For primary schools this can be even harder, given the unique challenges of dealing with young learners.

Voice EdTech refers to an area of technology dedicated to the development and application of tools using voice (including software, hardware and process) that are intended to facilitate teaching process, learning and the day-to-day management of educational institutions.

Procuring the right resources and technology for your schools can be a big responsibility and choosing the right equipment can be very tricky.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge influx of educational technology resources available to schools. While there are always new products being introduced into the market, schools have started to become wiser in the ways they make their decisions. Staff members carefully focus on what really caters to their requirements and take into account that those products provide value to both schools and students.

From instant access of information to the real-world understanding of topics, voice technology promises to be a relevant tool for the schools and students. And it almost seems imperative, at this point. Since the advent of voice-enabled devices, technology has smoothly entered the education sphere seamlessly.

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In the USA, 9 out of 10 children have access to smart speakers (Statista).  The utility of voice-enabled technology has promising prospects to enable students with tools to ensure a smooth sail through their education, with completion of projects, expansion of their technical skills and making them more industry-ready.

US children & smart speaker usage

An evidence of this would be the students of Arizona State University, who used voice activated technology to develop an app that allows learners with Down Syndrome to access voice-guided relaxation techniques and practices. It’s like using their caregiver’s voice, the skill can incorporate customized options to enable incident-specific responses and voice accessible relaxation techniques.

With the initial success of the implementation of this technology in certain departments of educational institutions, universities are now closely looking at employing voice-enabled devices to inform, direct and aid classroom activities.

Infusing voice technology into higher education through voice assistants

Schools will inevitably want to invest in Voice EdTech that will be both beneficial and effective when it comes to enhancing students’ learning experiences and opportunities. Below, we’ve compiled a few ways to help bring you one step closer to selecting a voice-assistive technology that suits you, your needs, and the needs of your teachers and students.

Smart Assistants

Finding the right voice tech for your school should begin with identifying and recognizing the needs, and then looking for a solution. Asking for teachers’ honest opinions about what could help them in their roles as educators will be a good point of consideration while choosing the voice tech providers.

Accessibility through Audio lectures & Podcasting

Students can use voice-based technology in the form of audio lectures and go over their courses subsequently to the completion of the lectures.Teachers can record their lectures and upload them as podcasts. Students can download these podcasts and listen to them again and again. This also creates a valuable learning experience for students. As these recorded lectures are accessible anytime and anywhere, students can access them easily and revise whenever they want to. These podcasts will come in handy before the exams when students have to revise topics. This will reduce the burden and stress that students face before exams as lectures will always be accessible to them.

Podcasts can also be used by students to understand a concept or topic which they found hard to grasp during lectures. The 24/7 availability of podcasts helps students understand topics at their own pace.

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Self-paced Learning

With access to learning material 24/7 and the command of voice, voice-assistive technology helps students to learn at a comfortable pace. It provides a lot of flexibility. Many educational podcasters are having interesting learning topics about some of the latest fields like technology, history, geography, etc. When a student listens to podcast multiple times, they revise the things.

Collaborative Classrooms

One of the characteristics of the modern classroom is collaboration (i.e by infusing voice technology into classroms). Students can collaborate in and outside of the school more effectively, with the help of voice technology. Gone are the days when students used to wait for the teacher to come to class and pass on the information related to different concepts that were taught in class. These days students rely on smart speakers to stay updated on information and for instant clarification of doubts.

Paperless Environment

One of the most significant impacts that voice technology has on education is that it creates a paperless environment. Schools are taking the initiative of going paperless by introducing E-textbooks and E-notebooks.

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