Introducing VOGO Voice Self-service Platform: A DIY Tool for building voice apps

self service platform

Today, we’re happy to unveil a brand new platform built on top of our exciting source framework. The VOGO Voice platform has always been about making it easier to design, build, and deploy voice experiences that work across platforms and devices.

Let’s look at how the self-service platform works, what features make it so enticing, and all you need to know about this new self-service platform below.

New Product: Self-service platform

This product is currently in early access and is available for your testing. Learn more about how to get access. It’s an excellent foundation for building new types of voice applications that provide significant value to users and businesses.

What distinguishes the VOGO Voice self-service platform as a DIY platform?

  • Build custom voice skills – DIY

It’s never been easier to build a bespoke voice app. Leverage the speed of drag-and-drop functionality and the power of voice tech to transform your idea into a complete voice application in days instead of months.

  • Simple yet powerful

Our no-code voice app development platform is easy to master even for total beginners. Seasoned app developers, on the other hand, will continue working with the frameworks they love, augmented with visual tools to boost their productivity.

Designed for both beginners and professionals

When a user registers, he or she gets access to some of the fundamental elements of the skill-building sandbox. It consists of:

  • Boot camp training – Boot camp training is receiving an intense 7-day self-learning program that covers a wide range of topics for developing your initial skill.
  • Sandbox  Begin with this plan to enjoy an endless free trial period. Experiment with different elements of our no-code platform and use the Knowledge Base training and support tools to master new skills.
  • Can be your knowledge support – Of course, if you need to read our documentation, our self-explanatory tutorials and guides will provide you with great, hands-on experience. We’ve placed a few links in the bottom left-hand corner of your VOGO Voice Dashboard to make it easier for you to reach them.
  • Powerful connectors – Do you already have a back end system that you’d want to integrate for your voice application? It is simple to integrate with the VOGO Voice connectors. We provide integration tools for a variety of enterprise systems including Socrata, ArcGIS, CARTO, and others.

Self service platform features:

  • News: Through the news feature we aim at connecting voice tech to your community by keeping them updated on the latest news items. It will respond as per your selection. Over time the skill will get to know you and your preferences better to serve with more personalized and curated stories.
  • Events: With VOGO Voice’s custom Event tracking, you can track events that are happening in your neighborhood. The Events section offers unique features to describe users of the upcoming events associated with the skill through custom events and events feeds.
  • Interaction: For those coming from technical backgrounds, it is a tool that you are already used to, helping you to have an easy starting point. Interaction flow editors and data make up the interaction feature. Flow editors reduce the learning curve and allow designers to start with a well-known task: structure information and represent the different interaction paths. A skill may have multiple interaction pathways depending on how the skill needs to function.
  • Connectors: As previously mentioned,connectors are essential for leveraging your data to improve and enrich your customers’ experiences. Use one or more of our ready-made connectors, or collaborate with us to design a bespoke connector to meet your exact requirements.
  • Notifications: With this feature, you may send voice message notifications to your users whenever relevant, such as sending a reminder for the due date of a task or when your product update is due.
  • Dashboard: We’re proud to present our Dashboard, designed just for you. Access, test, and monitor all your voice apps all in one place. It’s easy to use and navigate.
  • Insights: Review, understand, and enhance how your users interact with your skill with the Insights tool. And that covers all the basics. Now onto the fun part: testing and deploying
  • Live Testing & Deployment: The deployment tab displays the results of deployment including the date of deployment and the service to which the skill was deployed, be it Alexa/Google Assistant. The date of deployment holds the record of when the skill was finally deployed. 

As our tools become essential for voice apps developers, we continue to work to improve your testing experience. Choose one of our self-service packages to create and publish your voice skills.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a FREE trial of our sandbox skill-building to test out all of our features or login to activate your testing superpowers.

If you have any questions or feedback, just write us an email at and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Until next time, happy skill building!

VOGO Voice designs and builds engaging voice skills for industries including education, civic, transportation, business, and nonprofits using our robust voice user interface platform that allows data integration and in-depth customization. VOGO Voice build you the best of class voice app that is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Get in touch with our professional team today to hand your citizens, customers, and workforce a high-definition voice-activated solution to keep pace with their demand.