Skill Review: Astronomy Guide



VOGO Voice RATING                                3.8/5

Voice First                                                                  4/5
Display Friendly                                                        3/5
Performance/Ease of Use                                       4/5
Accuracy/Data Quality                                             4/5
Value Proposition                                                     4/5
astronomy guide


Astronomy Guide is a dynamic voice skill developed by AJ Franke to engage avid observers of astronomical objects. The info that this skill provides is suited to the interests of followers in the field of science that deals with the material universe. Gingered up with more than a handful of interesting information, the voice app concentrates on what to see in the sky, and how well it can be seen.

The application operates on a variety of reports for astronomical enthusiasts to sift through and find exactly what they are looking for. Just as the title suggests it proffers itself as a guide for inquisitive minds to learn the precise timings for astronomical observing and much more. Dealing specifically with a summary of atmospheric and seeing conditions for the night’s sky at various locations is one of its key highlights.  Additionally, there are diverse areas to explore such as those related to the moon phase, sunrise, and sunset. Users can even ask for viewing highlights for the ongoing month as well as the upcoming one. Another plus is the availability of data concerning observing events, visible Messier objects for evenings during the month, and facts regarding whether the Sun is displaying any sunspots, etc. To adeptly cover the umbrella of data on the celestial sphere and relay specifics accordingly, additional commands have been included within the skill to broaden the end-user experience. To ensure the accuracy of the dispersed facts, the application sources its data from US NOAA,, MeteoBlue, and the Canadian Meteorological Centre. Well, that being said, there seem to be a few downsides that could let down the users at times. One of them is that the voice skill stops abruptly soon after addressing the spoken request which leaves the user confused about how to proceed. It is quite unlikely for the user to recollect and specify from the horde of commands that are made available within the ‘Help’ section. Another downside is the lack of option to repeat the details relayed by Alexa which mildly brings down the beneficial aspect of the skill. An important feature that fails to act out when asked for is imparting data on observing conditions specific to a city. Though Alexa guides the user on how to proceed with the input, none of the suggested commands is recognized by the skill, which in turn diminishes its assured functionality. 

The VOGO Voice team scores this skill 3.8 out of 5 stars based on our rating system. Yet, you’ll have to try it for yourself and see if it will aid astronomical enthusiasts and followers to get their hands on the data they are looking for. So why not use the skill and explore the enriching, astronomical experience it promises its users.

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