Skill Review

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official harry potter quiz

Skill Review: Official Harry Potter Quiz

Official Harry Potter Quiz by Pottermore Publishing & Audible is an interactive quiz packed with engaging narration, music, and extracts from the Harry Potter audiobooks to lure its raving fans. The players of the skill get to experience the wizarding world by taking up the official quiz to answer 3 questions a day. What entices the players are the impressive set of questions with its exceptional narration that kindles a vivid imagination transforming reality.

skill review trivia battle

Skill Review: Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle is a voice skill cleverly crafted by Voice Games. It is a trivia game where the players try to get their state climb the leaderboard faster. This interactive skill is suited for players who want to get in the grip of anything but boredom. Suffused with an interesting challenge to get their state to the top of the leaderboard and reach the top 250, forms the crux of the skill.

skill review curiosity

Skill Review: Curiosity

Curiosity developed by award-winning is a skill tailored to feed avid minds with interesting information. This voice skill delivers the most important facts and perspectives eliciting a sense of curiosity in its users to keep learning. It certainly appears to be designed for users who are constantly on the go, not physically but cognitively in a rush to perceive in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of topics under the sun.

Social stories

Skill Review: Social Stories (Creating a Story)

Social Stories (Creating a Story) is a fun, interactive voice app created for kids by SayKid. Almost recently, SayKid and VOGO Voice nabbed the judge’s choice and people’s choice award respectively in the Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge launched by AWS. Dedicated to transforming education through voice technology, SayKid attempts through the making of this voice app to spark creative thinking and encourage a safe, natural, and engaging experience for kids. With the mission to reduce the impact of screens on young brains, SayKid’s Social Stories voice app rises to the occasion of nourishing creativity tagged by the desire to keep kids off screens.

travel quest

Skill Review: Travel Quest

Travel Quest is an adventure-oriented educational game curated by Universatile to help students explore countries in a fun and engaging manner. The voice skill attempts a dual purpose to entertain and educate kids by putting forth the opportunity to learn about the cuisine, geography, landmarks, leaders, events, festivals native to different countries such as Japan, Canada, France, Brazil, Egypt and Australia.

skill review three questions

Skill Review: Three Questions

“Three questions” is a fun, educational game created for trivia enthusiasts by This voice skill has to its credit thousands of trivia questions to tease brains and evoke nail-biting moments. The questions popped at the user ranges across a number of categories including science, literature, and pop culture. The skill poses a challenge to its users to pocket necessary points by answering as many questions as possible to step up the scoring ladder on the “Three Questions” leaderboard.

Brainy Bee

Skill Review: Brainy Bee

Brainy Bee developed by Voice Whiz is an interactive quiz game for inquisitive kids in different planes of the learning platform. Often most voice skills are geared for adults or people across all age groups, but Brainy Bee has been designed with a purposeful intent to make learning a more enjoyable process for students as well as motivate them as they step up their learning curve.

worthington libraries

Skill Review: Worthington Libraries

Worthington Libraries is an interactive skill created for the library system by Pellucent Technologies LLC. as an initiative to connect with its members and enhance civic engagement. Using alternative voice assistive technology, Worthington Libraries was designed, developed, and debuted as an attempt to promote equal access to information across its community members. This voice skill is an extension of the library’s exemplary services to showcase how a customized voice skill can benefit members and keep them updated on upcoming events.