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Skill Review: Magic Jinn

Magic Jinn is a uniquely crafted Alexa-powered voice app by Zanzoon that attempts at simulating telepathic gameplay. This interactive voice skill aims at guessing the animal that the user is thinking of by asking a series of questions. The game tries to lure its eager players by boasting to know hundreds of animals, both living and extinct, and even those that have never existed. All that is expected of the user is to answer in the affirmative as “Yes” or negate with a “No” to the questions the skill tosses at its users hoping to crack which animal is on their minds.

Skill Review: Beach Tycoon

Beach tycoon, a voice-first gaming treat developed by Stebhan Rebhan is a memorable reminder of the Theme Park on the 3DO video game system. The Alexa skill, crafted as a real-time construction game offers users the ability to turn a small beach into a lucrative tourist magnet by attracting a horde of customers. Fundamentally, the crux of the gameplay aims at urging players to think carefully and make the right investments and financial decisions to scale the ranking of the beach to the very top.

Skill Review: My Pet Rock

My Pet Rock is a riveting Alexa skill developed by Alexander King to engage players and rouse their interest to own a pet, rear it and have fun growing with it. The voice app kickstarts by letting users pick up a shiny new rock for themselves. The unique skill is tailored to the extent that players can choose a color for the rock and name it thereby weaving an emotional connection for the users with their newly owned pets.

Skill Review: My Mission (Detective Game Part I & II)

My Mission (Detective Game Part I & II) is an imaginatively creative Alexa skill developed by NordicSkills. Its innovative take to offer users the chance to be the detective or rather the voice in the head of the investigator seems interesting enough to lure the audience-driven to this thrilling genre. The voice integrated Alexa detective game offers players the golden opportunity to take the lead role of Steven Brown, a private detective, and control his actions by using their voice.

Skill Review: Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is an Alexa integrated voice app specially developed in-house by Cruise Planners to impart a high-tech solution for its clients. The idea behind the making of this innovative voice app is to connect consumers with their personal Cruise planners’ travel agents. Clients can benefit from enabling the skill and entering their My Trips login when prompted, connecting them with knowledgeable agents to support them with requisite trip details, vacation highlights, payment information, etc.

Skill Review: Teach Me Spanish

Teach Me Spanish is an interactive, language-specific Alexa skill developed by Status Quack to allure polyglots as well as learners interested in a singular target language. Though the learning segment is totally up to the user, what this voice app can do is coach users on Spanish vocabulary and its English version. No matter where the learner is based, Alexa is up and ready to engage and tutor with over 2000 Spanish words.

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Skill Review: Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge is an electrifying, interactive skill developed by Game Show Network. This Alexa skill has been whipped up to treat the ardent fans of Game Show Network’s popular knowledge-based quiz program, “Common Knowledge”. The thrilling voice app is all about testing participants’ knowledge on practical, everyday questions everyone should know about. The exciting range of fun categories like Good Eats, Survival, Etiquette, and much more have been woven into the skill to incite interest in players and treat them with a variegated platter of questions.

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Skill Review: Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues & You! Listen and Play is a clue-finding, interactive fun game developed by Nickelodeon to entertain and educate kids aged 4 + and their families. Inspired to uplift the minds of preschoolers and help them learn, the voice app has been specially designed with concepts from child development and early childhood education. For eager players who would want to enjoy more of this can watch Episodes of “Blue’s Clues & You!”, an animated educational children’s series broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Skill Review: Dungeon Adventure

Dungeon Adventure is an Alexa fantasy game developed by Fangtastico in which Alexa dons the role of a dungeon master. The voice skill is modeled after the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons. In a nutshell, the voice app lets you create a character, fight monsters, go into combat, level up your character, purchase items from the town such as weapons, armor, potions, and spells all to save the town of Ravensburg which is under the grip of an evil necromancer and his monsters who are living in a dungeon.

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Skill Review: Language Tutor

Language tutor is an interactive voice-powered skill developed by Engendex for translating conversational phrases. The skill attempts to pique the curiosity of polyglots by offering the rendering of English phrases from the three select languages, namely Spanish, Italian and French. To top it up the skill offers some Australian dialect as well to attract inquisitive minds. Moreover, the translation model is set on an intermediate to advanced level.