Skill Review: Disney Stories



VOGO Voice RATING                                3.8/5

Voice First                                                                  3/5
Display Friendly                                                        4/5
Performance/Ease of Use                                       4/5
Accuracy/Data Quality                                             4/5
Value Proposition                                                     4/5


Disney Stories have been developed by Disney to refresh and amuse young and grown minds alike who cherish the desire to be entertained. This voice skill brings to life a read-aloud narration blended with music and the right mix of sound effects. The voice app has been designed to allow children to discover stories and adventures on their own or in the company of their family.

As for the storytelling, the efficient use of voice-over adds to the quality and makes the stories sound more appealing. The impressive use of jingles in the background does add a hint of sparkling energy to the narration. All the more, the voice skill offers its users the convenience to resume from where left off. Yet that being said, there seem to be a few shortcomings that affect the overall experience of the skill. For instance, when the user chooses a story, it progresses with no halts in between giving the impression of a lengthy read-aloud narration. However, the option to pause or resume is available to the user, if need be. Another downer is that the voice skill does not engage the user with interactive questions, and therefore fails to interest the listener beyond the limit of reading out stories. All the more, only a set of 4 stories are freely accessible to the user which is played randomly without asking for the user’s choice. Nevertheless, if the user wishes to unlock the pack of 50 Disney stories, there’s the opportunity to choose a payment option linked to the Freetime Unlimited Subscriptions. The last being, the inability to resume the story that was being narrated, if ever the user chooses the help option in between the story-telling session. In such an instance, the skill plays a new story after it explains how to use the skill.

The VOGO Voice team scores this skill 3.8 out of 5 stars based on our rating system. Yet, you’ll have to try for yourself and see if it is truly an amusing voice skill that will entertain you no matter what. So, if you feel like reeling your imagination with a flake of magic and adventure, then go ahead and try out the skill to see if it impresses you as you had anticipated

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