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Smart Speakers Can Revolutionize Travel in 5 Ways

Smart speakers can revolutionize how we find and book travel, and how we engage with our travel industry hosts. The global travel and tourism industry witnessed a tremendous growth rate of 3.9%, contributing to a record of $8.8 trillion in revenue in 2019. Even with this growth, there are ways travel, tourism, and hospitality businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors. Intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice technology are all leading the way.

skill review trivia battle

Skill Review: Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle is a voice skill cleverly crafted by Voice Games. It is a trivia game where the players try to get their state climb the leaderboard faster. This interactive skill is suited for players who want to get in the grip of anything but boredom. Suffused with an interesting challenge to get their state to the top of the leaderboard and reach the top 250, forms the crux of the skill.

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Exploring Business Uses for Smart Speakers

A Smart Speaker is a voice-activated, smart assistant which helps in various useful activities like scheduling an appointment or requesting the weather forecast for the day. Smart speakers can also be used as the controller for connected smart devices, enabling users to control lights, door locks, and even entertainment systems.

Social stories

Skill Review: Social Stories (Creating a Story)

Social Stories (Creating a Story) is a fun, interactive voice app created for kids by SayKid. Almost recently, SayKid and VOGO Voice nabbed the judge’s choice and people’s choice award respectively in the Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge launched by AWS. Dedicated to transforming education through voice technology, SayKid attempts through the making of this voice app to spark creative thinking and encourage a safe, natural, and engaging experience for kids. With the mission to reduce the impact of screens on young brains, SayKid’s Social Stories voice app rises to the occasion of nourishing creativity tagged by the desire to keep kids off screens.

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Smart Speaker Skills for Camping Activities

Recreational activities, especially camping have changed a lot with time. The final objective for every park and rec agency or a campground owner is to provide their visitors /campers with great customer experience. Voice technology, when used with a purpose, can help augment these interactions with your park visitors. A voice strategy can help campground owners in achieving that goal. Below are some reasons why you should consider creating a voice app, or as Alexa calls them, skills for them.

travel quest

Skill Review: Travel Quest

Travel Quest is an adventure-oriented educational game curated by Universatile to help students explore countries in a fun and engaging manner. The voice skill attempts a dual purpose to entertain and educate kids by putting forth the opportunity to learn about the cuisine, geography, landmarks, leaders, events, festivals native to different countries such as Japan, Canada, France, Brazil, Egypt and Australia.

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Voice Search & Voice Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, voice technology is gaining prominence at a high speed. It is always accessible for consumers – from smartphones to digital voice assistants in our cars and homes, it is fast becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives.

worthington libraries

Skill Review: Worthington Libraries

Worthington Libraries is an interactive skill created for the library system by Pellucent Technologies LLC. as an initiative to connect with its members and enhance civic engagement. Using alternative voice assistive technology, Worthington Libraries was designed, developed, and debuted as an attempt to promote equal access to information across its community members. This voice skill is an extension of the library’s exemplary services to showcase how a customized voice skill can benefit members and keep them updated on upcoming events.