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Introduction to Voice Technology

Voice-enabled Ads

Voice-enabled ads are shaping up as an interesting new advertising option on mobile, with promises of helping marketers move beyond the static banner ad to take meaningful advantage of the unique features found on smartphones. What are voice-enabled ads? According to Instrematic, voice-enabled dialogue ads allow users to speak with ads, literally having an emotional conversation …

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Introduction to Voice Technology

Voice Search & Voice Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, voice technology is gaining prominence at a high speed. It is always accessible for consumers – from smartphones to digital voice assistants in our cars and homes, it is fast becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives.

Skill Review: Big Sky

The Amazon Alexa Big Sky voice skill powered by Philosophical Creations focuses on delivering hyper-local, minute-based weather forecasts. The location-specific weather updates are sourced based on the zip code or address provided by the user. The author of the skill has attempted to provide a satisfying user experience by designing it to seamlessly provide the most accurate, as well as real-time updates to its dedicated Alexa users.

Skill Review: Number Guessing Game

Number Guessing game, a kids’ oriented Alexa app created by Jared Higgs is a simple, edu-entertainment voice app. It is interestingly woven around the basic concepts of Math and drives young learners to use logical thinking to find the correct answer. The fun quotient that renders this app amusing is the idea of trying to guess the right answer.

DW Learn German Quiz_blog

Skill Review: DW Learn German Quiz

DW Learn German Quiz has been modelled by its developer Deutsche Welle to aid users to learn about Germany through quizzing sets suited to DW levels A1 and A2. The skill mainly focuses on German culture and geography including a variety of contexts. To up the game, a fine blend of sound effects coupled with the opportunity to repeat the answer along with the host in German is introduced.

Introduction to Voice Technology

Data Entry- Smarter way of data capturing

Data entry tools and technologies are changing the way businesses interact with information, both external and internal. The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. The role of data is to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers. But with so much information out there, business leaders must be able …

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Skill Review: Listening Past Tense

Listening Past Tense is a uniquely curated Alexa voice app developed by Charmtop Consultants Limited. This scholastic voice app aims to help learners assimilate the knowledge on how to form simple past tense for both regular and irregular verbs with examples.

Skill Review: Portland Bus

Portland Bus is a voice app uniquely developed by David Merrick for the benefit of commuters on the go. The Alexa-powered app is designed to deliver real-time transit timings of bus arrivals across various stops in Portland, Oregon. It attempts to ease the tension of travelers by keeping them informed upon request so as to help them make it to the stops on time.

blog_animal guessing

Skill Review: Animal Guessing Game

Animal Guessing Game is an interactive edu-entertainment voice skill developed by Thornton to attract both kids and adults alike. To spark the curiosity of little ones, the skill renders a well-rounded description of animals supported by visuals, one at a time, based on which listeners ought to make the right guess. The voice application seems specially curated to impart knowledge with an interesting proportion of fun.

Skill Review: Guess The Animal

Guess the Animal is an educational, trivia-style skill developed by Spitfire Game Studios LLC. Though it is a skill ideal for kids, it enhances both kids’ and adults’ knowledge about animals and their habitat. This fun yet scholastic game attempts to enlighten curious minds and motivate them with substantial facts that are often overlooked in the midst of oceanic facts. The Alexa-powered interactive game seems specially crafted for individuals and families who are likely to enjoy playing while being intellectually illuminated.