VOGO Voice awarded with People’s Choice Award in the 2020 Amazon Alexa Edtech Skills challenge

kids decision people's champion

VOGO Voice, today announced it has been awarded with People’s choice award in the 2020 SXSW Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills challenge. The challenge provided voice tech companies with a unique opportunity to develop cutting edge Alexa skills that address educational challenges and positively impact students, faculty, administrators, or other education stakeholders. We showcased our Alexa skill ‘Kids Decisions’ before a panel of esteemed judges and a live audience.

Over the two month period from August 2019 to October 2019, a lot of voice developers across the US participated with their innovative ideas for creative educational developments. Following the entry period, six finalists were shortlisted and VOGO Voice was one of them.

The team at VOGO Voice developed an interactive Alexa skill, ‘Kids Decisions’ that aids students to learn critical thinking, empathy, and decision-making skills by exploring choices and their outcomes. With carefully curated interactive stories, Alexa helps children and their families learn fundamental SEL concepts of Character, Strength, and Virtues.

Escorted by a friendly narrator, Ember The Dragon, the skill allows children to explore the options of Character, Strength, and Virtues (CSV) themes like wisdom, courage, humanity, transcendence, justice, and temperance while deepening their personal and interpersonal skills such as coping with feelings, setting goals, working in teams and resolving conflicts. In this interactive story journey, kids are introduced to interesting real-life situations to make positive decisions.

According to Michael Giddens, CTO & Founder of VOGO Voice “Our vision is to enrich access in our clients’ communities. We, as with everyone else, have the power to dream up and build anything we can imagine. And to be able to do this in the education field with the support of Amazon Alexa technology, it’s been a wonderful opportunity.”

VOGO Voice considers the People’s Choice award a huge accomplishment. “The AWS Promotional Credit will allow us to continue developing our product roadmap for Kids Decisions and also explore niche offerings of the skill for specific use cases without the worry of infrastructure costs,” says John Thompson, Operation Manager at VOGO Voice. “Our plan for now is to continue to grow and engage with community content contributors while also looking for learning company partnerships to expand our offerings.”

We are excited at this opportunity to bring our dreams to life and we thank AWS services and SXSW for providing this platform to showcase our idea and win this amazing prize. We will continue to support the development of innovative ideas that would go a long way towards shaping a better, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Learn more about the potential of this innovative VOGO Voice Alexa Skill that leverages voice technology.

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