Priyanka Subhash

categories game

Skill Review: Categories Game

Developed by Verto Labs, the Categories game on Alexa is a quick-paced and highly engaging word game. Following a guided gameplay, Alexa rolls a random letter and asks the player to come up with words beginning with it, in six different categories. What truly ups the ante and the thrill, is the scoring system. If you answer correctly, your score is decided by deducting the number of seconds before you say the answer, from 50. If you cannot answer for a letter in a category, the score in that category for that round is zero.


Skill Review: Starfinder

Starfinder by Paizo is an interactive multi-part RPG set in a futuristic extraterrestrial setting. It begins with appointing heroes to analyze a dubious ship that emerges on the Absalom station. Created by Amazon in collaboration with Paizo, the skill boasts a star-studded cast like Nathan Fillion, Laura Bailey, and 13 other artists voicing its characters.

Dark Citadel

Skill Review: Dark Citadel

“The kingdom of Alderton is under attack, and you are the only one who can save it!”
This is the central premise that the Alexa skill ‘Dark Citadel’ is based on. Developed by LC Publishing, the episodic game follows a CYOA format and unravels divergent storylines based on the player’s choices. Author and web developer Lincoln Cole made sure to deliver a highly elaborate and intense voice gaming experience by adding over 1000 unique sound effects, 23 chapters, and all standard elements of an RPG to the mix. Be ready to be tossed into a labyrinth of branching paths full of mystical creatures, monsters, and of course, Dungeons.