Math Facts - Math Practice for Kids

Skill Review: Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids

‘Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids’ is an edu-entertainment voice app developed by AWzone to instill in kids the zest for learning basic arithmetic operations. Often, children feel intimidated when introduced to numbers at an early age and this if not addressed suitably can affect their foundation in mathematics. The voice app can be proposed as a solution to help kids hone their math skills in a fun and entertaining way. It is a supplementary learning aid that offers unlimited practice questions on the principal mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Multiplication Quiz

Skill Review: Multiplication Quiz

The Multiplication Quiz developed by Joe Mirmina is crafted with the simple idea to help kids learn one of the basic math functions. With this skill, Alexa in the guise of a tutor ushers kids into the enticing world of numbers to practice multiplication. Most often kids don’t get the opportunity to overcome the challenges they face while learning maths. Yet this voice app seems tuned to the learning interests of kids by rendering it a fun-oriented game format. The motivating aspect of the skill is that it lets kids practice and perfect their fundamental multiplication skills.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: ArcGIS

ArcGIS, an integrated server-based GIS is hosted and managed by Esri to aid in analyzing and visualizing the compiled geographic data by leveraging its integrated tools to facilitate mapping and spatial reasoning.

Science Studio

Skill Review: Science Studio

Science Studio by Bayer is an innovative, educational voice app that has been developed by Ruder Finn to help kids enhance their knowledge of science-related concepts. The Alexa voice skill seems to be uniquely designed to aid avid learners to gain factual know-how through experiments and foster in them a scientific way of thinking. Curated specifically for kids, the voice app attempts to create in them a love for learning science and understanding its relevance in the natural world.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: Add Variables Component

“Add Variables” is a data component implemented to store values or temporary data within a custom interaction model. This component is persistent only during the session and is put to use to bring up the values assigned to it only until the termination of the interaction.

Skill Review: Skyrim Very Special Edition

Skyrim Very Special Edition is an Alexa-driven adventure game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. This special edition skill emulates the bygone text-based role-playing computer game from the late 1970s and early 80s. It is an equivalent version of Skyrim that presents users with the hand-picked opportunity to step into the illusory world and take the rightful place of Dragonborn of legend.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: CARTO

Familiarise yourself with the working of the CARTO connector instance in the CARTO Near Me tutorial to procure the count of proximal populated cities based on the location of a voice-assisted device.

Skill Review: Weather Bug

Asking Alexa about the weather has become the new normal and that’s what the Weather bug by Weather bug is all about. Endowed with the ability to deliver current weather conditions, the voice skill intuitively furnishes weather alerts and lightning information on the go for users across the United States.

Feature Friday: Save Settings Component

The Save Settings component when configured becomes a permanent placeholder to capture and store the user input values. The values saved via this persistent component can be accessed at any stage within or beyond a session during the course of interaction with the custom skill.