Skill Review: My Pizzeria

My Pizzeria by Web Ventures Ltd. is an attempt to deliver a business simulation gaming experience at its very basic level. Daunting it may seem to run an actual business and face the real repercussions that tag along. This Alexa skill brings an alternate risk-free way of launching a virtual business and honing your entrepreneurial skills through fun-packed gameplay. Ever wanted to be a manager at your own restaurant and evaluate the success of your strategies? Then this game is right up your alley. You get to adorn the role of a pizzeria owner weaving business plans to keep it functioning profitably against all odds.

Skill Review: Amazing Word Master Game

Amazing Word Master Game by Saket Agarwal is an interactive vocabulary-building skill suitable for all age groups. With the motive of making language learning fun, this word game exposes you to new vocabulary and also tests your proficiency in English. For Scrabble enthusiasts and Word Search gamers, it opens up an avenue to challenge their vocab knowledge and trigger active learning by competing against Alexa.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: Create your own Loops

Get hands-on-experience with our interactive tutorial on “Iterations using Loop function” and learn how to employ a Loop component within a custom interaction model to perform the task of iterating over a list of data several times to create a continuous series of responses.


Skill Review: Allrecipes

Allrecipes is a must-try Alexa skill for cooking enthusiasts who are on the constant endeavor to upgrade their culinary skills. Developed by the well-acclaimed recipe provider, Allrecipes, this interactive cooking manual makes at-home cooking seamless and efficient. The innovative use of voice guidance facilitates a hands-free experience by sparing you the hassle of tapping your phones now and then to look up recipes and expert tips. Assuming the role of a sous chef, the skill trains you to make impressive dishes of your choice at your pace and convenience.

Language teacher

Skill Review: Language Teacher

Language Teacher by Kiwiana is an Alexa skill specifically designed to enhance the multilingual capabilities of a user who is aspiring to become a polyglot. In an advanced and interconnected world, proficiency in multiple languages gives you a competitive advantage over your monolingual peers. Equally commendable are the perks you gain when traveling to a foreign country with a basic knowledge of their local language. Aiming to serve linguaphiles, this voice app trains you to bolster your command over 7 different languages – Russian, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish.