Skill Review

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Skill Review: Amazon Storytime

Amazon Storytime by Amazon Education Consumer Team is an interactive skill with engaging stories for children aged 5-12. By offering a wide-ranging collection of stories about family, friends, and more, the voice app attempts to elicit interest in kids to listen to bedtime stories. Furthermore, the skill attempts to excite kids with “spin a magic story wheel” backed by a surprise set of stories. With this voice skill, kids get to choose what kind of stories they would like to listen to. Now that’s something parents often struggle with and, therefore they are always on the lookout for different stories to keep their little ones entertained.

washingyon state ferry

Skill Review: Washington State Ferry

Intended as a resource for travelers, the Washington State Ferry voice app by Blink UX provides real-time information on departure times, seat availability, and the last scheduled ferry for the day. Designed for travelers on the go, this voice skill has been curated to be a helpful alternative to its users.

bamboo luminaries

Skill Review: Bamboo Luminaries

Bamboo Luminaries by Bamboo Learning, Inc is an interactive educational skill packed with engaging facts and quizzes. It’s a skill curated to help children know more about leading personalities who belonged to different eras and famed for their novel ideas and renowned actions.

Skill Review: MBTA Alerts

Intended as a resource for public transport riders, the MBTA Alerts voice app by Kevin Kazmierczak provides alerts on the subway or commuter rail lines. To receive relevant alerts on the respective public transit, the user is expected to provide the specific subway or commuter rail line names.

bamboo math

Skill Review: Bamboo Math

Bamboo Math by Bamboo Learning, Inc is a math learning-oriented interactive skill with 5 different levels ranging from easy to hard mathematical questions. The mathematical challenges the skill offers are for children aged 5 to 12 but open to adults as well. The skill offers children the convenience to try out difficult levels that cover the 4 arithmetic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

city of las vegas info

Skill Review: City of Las Vegas Information

The City of Las Vegas Information voice app developed by the City of Las Vegas is an initiative to cultivate a sense of connection with its citizens and enhance civic engagement. The skill itself has donned the guise of a platform with a horde of beneficial facts and service information. Besides providing information on planning commission meetings, the skill also provides fun facts quiz surrounding the city of Las Vegas.

animal rescue

Skill Review: Animal Rescue

The Animal Rescue voice app by offers audiences, ages five and older, multiple interactive stories to choose from. This fun and educational game offers engaging adventures ranging along different levels. In regard to the Panda Rescue game, the user is endowed with the task of caring for a baby panda as it evolves into an adult.

l a city

Skill Review: L.A. City

The L.A.City voice app developed by the City of Los Angeles is an initiative to connect with citizens and promote civic engagement. It offers coverage not only on the latest news and city council committee meetings but also focuses on family events that are of specific interest to the general public.

houston rockets

Skill Review: Houston Rockets

Curated to update the Rockets fans, the Houston Rockets voice app by NBA is an official Houston Rockets skill detailing every NBA season. Upped by a clear introduction and intelligible interactions, the skills seem to be fairly devoid of major defects. Intended primarily for the franchise’s fans, the skill is designed to provide alerts and streaming stats of the game in action. The users are also provided with a recap of the previous night’s action, updates on upcoming games, team headlines and so forth. Overall, it has got the relevant interactions to lure Rockets fans, and keep them engaged. 

bamboo highlights

Skill Review: Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo

Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo by Bamboo Learning, Inc is a thoroughly interactive skill with expertly narrated stories. The reading selections which fall into three levels of difficulty are designed specifically for children of ages 4-10. The use of a friendly narrator lends an endearing quality as well as bring to light their unique approach to make learning fun and engaging.